ICF accreditation is multifaceted with its various accreditation paths and levels of certification. Our team has broken down each option and charted out a step by step guide that helps determine the right certification route for you.

Our CTEDU team is dedicated to helping make your certification journey seamless.

On this page, you will find more information about why certification matters and how it will enhance your career. To learn more about specific certification paths, please find the
additional certification page linked below.

At the Highest Level

We Walk Our Talk.

So You Can Walk Yours.



Accreditation matters. Insists on Complete Integrity.

Knowing your training organization has passed rigorous 3rd party standards gives you confidence in the quality and content of your training program. The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the current leading standard in the coaching field and a must for any coach training school interested in best practices and protecting the integrity of the coaching field.

Coach Training EDU has passed the highest standards the ICF offers: CTEDU is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).

In addition, CTEDU is also working in partnership with several universities to create a non-profit organization that specifically looks at life coaching in the context of college advising.

CTEDU is also in the process of using the US Dept. of Education guidelines to meet the requirements of being an accredited
vocational school.

Our team believes in leveraging the power of certification, both as a tool to ensure high standards and to develop the field of life coaching.



With many options, Comes a great task in picking a path.

The place to start is with the destination in mind. CTEDU adheres to industry-standard three different levels of certification: Associate, Professional, and Master.

Once you complete your CTEDU coach training and mentor coaching portions, you can apply to be a certified coach through CTEDU.

Set the Foundation to Launch Your Coaching Career. Acquiring certification is a significant accomplishment. You ensure that your skills have met high standards, and your credential establishes your credibility as a coach. It gives you a major boost when launching your

As an ICF Accredited Coach Training The program, CTEDU has reached the highest standards of certification in the coaching field. CTEDU offers two levels of certification both of which put you on the fast track to certification with the ICF.

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